Ehiliz Support Initiative

Ehiliz Support Initiative

Ehiliz Support Initiative (ESI) is a people-oriented non-profit making organization based in Lagos Nigeria. ESI was influenced by an increasing love for people who are incapacitated in myriad of challenges facing them, especially the youth who are supposed to be the future leaders of tomorrow. This initiative was necessitated by the sudden realization that except individuals and organizations join hands with government to build a Nigeria where our youths will be more resourceful and useful, we will end up having a country with a crop youths faced with chronic problems of unemployment, insecurity, moral decadence and violence due to idleness. As a social crusader and life coach desirous of securing the future of young people, Ehiliz the founder of this initiative decided to take up the mantle to join hands with other meaningful Nigerians and organization to build a more purposely society for the youth through education, empowerment and social reformation activities and programmes that will put them on the right track and assist them in making critical decisions about their life and career.

* Eradication of social vices through education and enlightenment campaigns.
* Youth empowerment/ Skills acquisition programmes.
* Social reformation programmes
* Counselling

Our Goal is to collaborate with the best and most compassionate individuals and organizations both locally and internationally. To create and build youth development programmes that will to a large extent equip our youths with useful trades and entrepreneurial skills in ICT and other vocations.

VISION Promoting life’s experience by adding values.

My Approach

I know through personal experience that there are highs and lows, happy and sad times in life. But I also know that we have the resources inside us to meet the challenges life presents us. I have navigated myself through my career as a banker, financial services manager, youth development advocate, mother and wife. The truth is that regardless of background anyone can manage ones self or family to financial freedom, and live a happy and fulfilling life following ones passions. The skills I learnt through life coaching have enabled me to do this successfully.

My approach to business and personal development has led to me being awarded by various organizations which include; Equipment Leasing Association of Nigeria (ELAN), Champion Group, City of Life Bible Church, CCCG – Christ Chosen Church of God, CGAAN – Christian Gospel Artists Association of Nigeria, Tabitha Global Women etc.